1960-1966: St. Vitus College, Bussum (Gymnasium alpha)
1966-1969: Theory and Practice of Translation, Faculty of Arts & Letters, University of  Amsterdam (English & Russian)
1969 (Spring): Bedford College, University of London
1969-1976: Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam
29 september 1976: Doctoral exam (cum laude)
30 May 1986: Ph.D. in Sociology , University of Amsterdam (cum laude)


1974-1977: Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology, University of Amsterdam
1977-1990: Lecturer in Sociology, Section Sociology & History, Dept. of Sociology, University of Amsterdam
1986 Fall & 1989 Spring Semesters: Research Fellow, Center for European Studies, Harvard University
1987-1989: Lecturer in Philosophy of Science & Social Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Groningen             1989-1993: Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of the Social and Practical Sciences, at idem                                                                                                1993-1997: Senior Lecturer in the Social Theory of Knowledge, at idem
1990-2008: Senior Research Affiliate, Amsterdam School of Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam
Fall 1996: Visiting Professor, University of Natal at Durban, University of Stellenbosch & University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
1997-1998: Professor in the Social Theory of Knowledge, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen
1998-2002: Professor of Sociology & Communication, Department of Human Sciences, Brunel University (London)
1999- 2005: External Examiner, MA for Independent Study, University of East London
2003-2010: freelance political writer
2004-2009 co-founder and chairman of left-liberal thinktank  Waterland
2010-2013 director Bureau de Helling, research foundation of  the Dutch Green Party (GroenLinks)
2013-present: freelance political writer and singer-songwriter