M.S. ‘Nymphaea’
Zoutkeetsgracht 6 K
1013 LC Amsterdam


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  1. en effet c’est très dommage de ne pas créditer la phoj2&#8o30;te ne sais pas quelles en sont les raisons, mais en tant que journaliste, tu dois toujours identifier tes sources!tu devrais en parler à la personne qui a utilisé la photo p.s. il faut le faire pour que ça ne se reproduise pas!

  2. Dear Dick,

    In your piece, What After Brexit? , which I have just read, you make some very important points which I largely agree with. However, you completely omit the issue of RACE, presumably because, like most academics, you assume it to be just a “social construct” only of importance to “racists”.

    I disagree. Race is not a social construct (except when you try dividing closely related peoples from the same subcontinent into different races, as the Nazis insanely did), but REAL and important. Only, not in the way that racial supremacists believe it is, but because central to any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group, i.e. genuine national, identity.

    I’ve given these issues a lot of thought, and invite you to take a look at my ideas, which I have expressed in a series of blogs beginning with the one I have linked to as my website.

    Best regards


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